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How to Set Up Student User Names and Passwords

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Creating Individual Student User Names and Passwords is easy!

To Add a Student:
Type Last Name, First Name, User Name and Password, then click “Add Student.”

You may use from 4 to 25 characters in the User Name or the Password, but we recommend that you keep them short and memorable.

That’s all there is to it!

How to choose User Names
The User Name must be unique among the thousands of students in the community. If the User Name that you chose has already been used, you will see an error message. Try another User Name. (See “Suggestions for User Names” below)


How to choose Passwords

Not case-sensitive
When logging in, it doesn’t matter whether you type capital letters or not…the user
name and password system is not case-sensitive.


To Remove a Student:
Click the button next to the student’s name you wish to remove. Then click “Remove Student.”

To Edit a Student’s information:
Click the button next to the student’s name you wish to edit. Change the information, then click “Save.”


Suggestions for User Names

Suggestions for Passwords

          “blue” “toast” “car” “chime” or a pet’s name.

Continue adding students in this manner.