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About Us

MusicLearningCommunity.com is a remarkable playground of learning games
that teach and reinforce traditional music theory and aural skills--
a breakthrough Internet website carefully designed by
Christine Hermanson,
a leading expert in music and computer-based learning.

"A tremendous hit! You have captured such a refreshing and wholesome tone to these games and learning activities. They are a delight to the eye, the sounds are splendid, the pedagogy is excellent, three cheers – and then some!!"

- Mary Gae George, NCTM
author of Artistry at the Piano

Our Mission

To provide exceptional multimedia music instruction
in a fun and exciting learning environment
that inspires active participation,
promotes the lifelong enjoyment of music
and transforms students into Lifetime Musicians.

"… once people play these games, they're HOOKED! And knowing that teachers will be able to cross-reference the games with their method of choice makes them tremendously appealing."

- Michelle Gordon, NCTM,
independent piano teacher

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MusicLearningCommunity.com—your tireless teaching assistant with hundreds of online games that reinforce essential theory and aural skills—a breakthrough website carefully designed for professional music teachers and their students. Students play from studio, school and at home. Curriculum maps sequence the games to match popular piano methods. Content aligns with all state and national standards. Students can now play our music learning games using any MIDI keyboard connected to a computer!