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Members report that after one year of playing the learning games that they assign, their students are 3 to 5 months ahead of where they were before MusicLearningCommunity.com.
In the Classroom
Engage the entire class using an interactive whiteboard or projector
Play the games individually or in teams
Take the class to the computer lab to do individualized assessments
Content aligns with all state and national standards
Promotes differentiated learning by providing unlimited access for students in multiple skill levels—beginning through intermediate
Students can play at school and at home

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pedagogy & Studio best practices
Over 450 colorful, interactive games build essential skills in rhythm, pitch and melody, harmony, scales, intervals, chords, tonal memory, playback and understanding musical terms and symbols
Series of games uses a MIDI keyboard connected to the computer
Provides immediate feedback
Lesson planning tools for busy teachers
Automatic Score Reports for teachers and students
Award Certificates celebrate achievement
High score boards for Challenge games display the top twenty scorers in the world
Playable on an iPad with the alternative browser—iSwifter—available in the iPad App Store
Playable on any Android tablet or SmartPhone that has the Flash Player
Faster development of sight-reading skills
Higher scores on student achievement evaluations, assessments and theory tests
Speeds the progress of study in all instruments and voice
Proven success with students with special needs

In the Studio
Students can play at the studio and at home
Get a double benefit when students play the Learn and Play levels of the games at home and play the Quiz levels at the studio
Student Pages sequence the games to match popular piano methods, MTNA state student achievement syllabi and the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program
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