Dreams Fulfilled Through Music

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Dreams Fulfilled Through Music 

Since 2006, Dreams Fulfilled Through Music has partnered with Music Learning Community in the development of pedagogically sound computer-assisted learning opportunities for students with special needs.

Dreams Fulfilled Through Music

Dreams Fulfilled Through Music

“an effective teaching tool”

Because Music Learning Community is both unique and universal in it’s approach to the basic elements of music theory, sight-reading and ear training, teachers have the freedom to individualize the curriculum to meet the specific needs of each student. One key element within the design of the music games is that each module is divided into segments which insure mastery before the student is asked to progress to a new or more advanced level of accomplishment. Repetition is essential to all learning. The learning games are not merely another popular, mindless computer game, but an effective teaching tool; they foster success and the desire to become fully engaged in the learning process.

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Teaching Adult Music Students

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 Teaching Adult Music Students

Should I Consider Taking on an Adult Music Student?

A Growing Market for Adult Music Students

Should I Consider Taking on an Adult Music Student? Studies show that there is a large demand among adults, who wish to take music lessons, especially baby-boomer retirees who have always wanted to play piano but have never had the time. You may also meet people who quit their music lessons when they were a child for one reason or another and have regretted not being able to continue later in life. Even though there is a growing demand for teachers from this demographic, some people have reservations about taking on adult music students. Adults can have pre-conceived notions that impede progress. They may have irregular attendance due to crazy schedules and last-minute conflicts. Sometimes an adult music student may be working through issues with hearing or eye sight. Is this always true? Of course not. Continue Reading «Teaching Adult Music Students»

7 Ways to Maximize Learning with Music Games

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7 Ways to Maximize 
Learning with Music Games

In school, I always enjoyed playing classroom games. Learning technologies such as MusicLearningCommunity.com have not only taken classroom games to a new level, they also enable teachers to create customized learning experiences for each student. Then students are challenged to compete against their own scores to achieve higher levels. Here are some thoughts from our members about how to make the most effective use of learning games in teaching.

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