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A Violist, the Substitute Conductor

A conductor became very ill one evening just one hour before a concert and was unable to conduct. The orchestra suddenly had to find a substitute and the only person who was willing step in and conduct was the last chair violist. The violist conducted the concert and it was a great success. The conductor remained ill the following day and the violist conducted another concert that evening as well, getting a standing ovation. At the next rehearsal, the conductor had recovered, and the violist took his place at the back of the viola section.

A Violist, the Substitute Conductor

 As he sat down, his stand partner asked him ”So, where’ve you been for the last two nights?”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003407041358 Christofer

    I did 2 summer camps with Otter Werner Mueller (of Julliard and Curtis). Sheez, you shuold have seen him put down young conductors who were so full of themselves and their waving arms! My own experience (very limited) with both playing and conducting is that the orchestra usually knows what they are doing well enough. On stage, the conductor is more of a reminder and P.R. thing. When there is a connection between the soul of the music, the conductor and the players, than the only reminders necessary are facial gestures . did this myself!