Teaching Adult Music Students

Should I Consider Taking on an Adult Music Student?

A Growing Market for Adult Music Students

Should I Consider Taking on an Adult Music Student? Studies show that there is a large demand among adults, who wish to take music lessons, especially baby-boomer retirees who have always wanted to play piano but have never had the time. You may also meet people who quit their music lessons when they were a child for one reason or another and have regretted not being able to continue later in life. Even though there is a growing demand for teachers from this demographic, some people have reservations about taking on adult music students. Adults can have pre-conceived notions that impede progress. They may have irregular attendance due to crazy schedules and last-minute conflicts. Sometimes an adult music student may be working through issues with hearing or eye sight. Is this always true? Of course not.

 I think you might find that the pros outweigh the possible cons. 

1)  You can fill up available teaching hours/increase income.  

Usually you have to schedule K-12 students before or after school. Adult music students can fit into time slots during school hours.

2)  You can diversify your teaching style.  

Teaching an adult music student presents a much different dynamic than with younger students.

 3)  You can have great word-of-mouth marketing for your Studio.  

Some Adult music students can turn out to be amazing advocates for your studio. They are more likely to tell others about your teaching abilities, show off how much they have learned, and convince their friends to take lessons with you too! Before you know it, you may have to turn students away, or refer them to one of your colleagues.

 4)  Adult music students are fun to teach.  

They usually set goals for themselves and are self-motivated. They still require encouragement from you, but only to confirm that they are on the right track and that their goals are not impossible to achieve.

Aside from the obvious financial benefits of getting a new music student, I think that the best benefit of an adult student is the possibility of making a new friend. Unlike some of your K-12 students, your adult students do not have parents who are forcing them to be there. This helps the learning process be to be lots of fun. And you can have fun too because an Adult’s professions, wisdom, and life experience may often spark intriguing conversation. There is no better way to spend time with a friend than sharing in the joy of music making.

 So, now that you are sold and want to take on some adult music students, now what?

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