Remembering Lyrics – A few helpful tips

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Is Remembering Lyrics Difficult For You? Here are a few powerful tips.

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Remembering lyrics is a task that many singers worry about. Especially when there are a lot of songs to sing in an evening.

As we get older – our heads filled with the many things we have learned over the years – it can be an even greater challenge to keep hundreds of song lyrics at the tips of our  tongues. Continue Reading «Remembering Lyrics – A few…»

Major source of frustration for singers….a tense tongue muscle

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ImageHello fellow singers!  

Are you dealing with a tense tongue muscle?

Here is one of my very quick singing tips for you in the form of a video. If you have ever had trouble with a stiff, tight or “depressed” tongue, try this easy set of exercises to loosen it up. (See tense tongue muscle video here.) Continue Reading «Major source of frustration for…»

Singing After Forty

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Barbara Lewis


Hello to all readers!

I am so pleased to be writing to you here on the MusicLearningCommunity Blog.

My name is Barbara Lewis. I have been both a singer and a vocal coach for over 30 years. I am delighted to be associated with the Music Learning Community for whom I am now creating a series of videos that will teach adult singers –  (ie: those who are singing after 40 – although, I hope that younger singers will enjoy the series, too!) –  how to sing better. Level One of the series is called, Easy/Fun Singing!  (Coming soon.)  Continue Reading «Singing After Forty»

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