The Mozart Effect

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The Mozart Effect: Makes a child smarter and more mathematical along with a higher IQ

The Haydn Effect: Child is witty and quick on his feet, quite often bringing a grin to the faces of those around him. Despite this he exhibits remarkable humility.

The Bach Effect: Child memorizes Scripture and says his prayers every day; may overwhelm listeners with his speech.

The Handel Effect: Much like the Bach Effect; in addition, the child may exhibit dramatic behavior.

The Beethoven Effect: Child develops a superiority complex and is prone to violent tantrums; is a perfectionist.
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Play By Ear by hEarItAbility

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“Play By Ear”

An opportunity for the classically minded!

I love the “Lifetime Musician” approach of the MusicLearningComunity! I love the games that solidify concepts and give the needed practice for mastery! The emphasis on developing the ear is tremendous and extremely beneficial to students. I have been a subscriber for a few years now and am pleased to offer their website to my students!

I am a private piano teacher, teaching beginning to advanced students of all ages, and the author of the new hEarItAbility series. It is a passion of mine to unlock the sometimes hidden aural skills of students. I did not intuitively “play by ear” as a student and discovered later in life that it truly was a skill that I could develop. For students, I have seen such joy and success from “tapping” into this area – for those with natural ability and those without! Continue Reading «Play By Ear by hEarItAbility»

What are Piano Olympics?

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Originally Posted on April 29, 2012 by Leila Viss, 

The idea of Piano Olympics was “born” three years ago when I was organizing ALL the games I enjoy using to teach music theory. There never seems to be enough time to use these during the year so I thought why not put them to good use during the summer months.



1) earn tickets by winning…

  • indoor games
  • outdoor games

2) earn tickets by completing

  • various activities in class
  • assignments at home

3) earn gold, silver and bronze medals by

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Music is Fun

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I have a young student whose is name is Brielle. This is her first year, and she is using the Celebrate Piano beginning series. Ordinarily I assign the corresponding unit in the MusicLearningCommunity games for the unit that she is studying in her books, but Brielle enjoys the games so much that she has gone into the units that we have not yet covered in the lesson. Continue Reading «Music is Fun»

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Games for Smartboard

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Check out games for smartboard at

The students love the activities, and I love the fact that they are learning solid musical concepts with engaging activities.

This past week, I used Smiley and Friends same/different melody activity with my kindergarten students. For the first lesson, I touched the faces on the Smartboard, and the students then determined the correct match. They did this by pointing up if the top smiley was the correct match, or down, if the bottom smiley was the correct match.

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Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

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We just returned from a very successful Texas Music Educators Association conference in San Antonio. We had discussions with a number of teachers who were interested in how the instructional games on related to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards (TEKS). We are happy to report that we had already sequenced the games to support the TEKS standards for grades K-8. They are available to view and print below.

We understand from talking to those “in the know” that student assessment in music will be becoming more important in the evaluation of teacher performance in the near future. Our learning management system already has provisions to help teachers address this issue. Continue Reading «Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills»

Music Education Belongs in Our Schools

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Music Demands Perfection

Unlike most academic subjects or sports, music doesn’t just strive for perfection, it requires it.  95% usually gets a student an A in school, but not in music. In the video below, Jack Stamp shows us what music would sound like if we played it 95% correctly. In doing so, he demonstrates exactly why music education is so important to our schools.  Music may not be the only key to success in life, but it is fair to conclude that music plays a large role in the success of many people.

Music is a basic human need.

Music is essential to one’s education throughout life.  All over the world, school music education continues to fall victim to budget cuts.
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A Violist, the Substitute Conductor

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Daily Delightmusic jokes and more

A Violist, the Substitute Conductor

A conductor became very ill one evening just one hour before a concert and was unable to conduct. The orchestra suddenly had to find a substitute and the only person who was willing step in and conduct was the last chair violist. The violist conducted the concert and it was a great success. The conductor remained ill the following day and the violist conducted another concert that evening as well, getting a standing ovation. At the next rehearsal, the conductor had recovered, and the violist took his place at the back of the viola section.

A Violist, the Substitute Conductor

 As he sat down, his stand partner asked him ”So, where’ve you been for the last two nights?”

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Funny Music Definitions

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music jokes and moreDaily Delight

Funny Music Definitions

Bassoon: a bedpost with a bad case of gas. 

Beat: what music students do to each other with their instruments.

Concert: a place where people go to cough and sneeze. 

Conductor: Someone who is able to follow many people at once.

Counterpoint: a favorite device of many Baroque composers, all of whom are dead, though no direct connection between these two facts has been established.

Cut time: when everyone else is playing twice as fast as you are.

Drummer: someone who hangs around with musicians. 

Half step: two piccolos playing in unison. 

Male quartet: three men and a tenor.

Pitch: a tossing motion frequently used by band students to hand in music.

Trombone: A slide whistle with delusions of grandeur!

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C, Eb and G Walk Into a Bar…

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music jokes and more

Daily Delight

C, Eb and G Walk Into a Bar…

C, E-flat and G go into a bar. The bartender says, “sorry, but we don’t serve minors.” So E-flat leaves, and C and G have an open fifth between them. After a few drinks, the fifth is diminished and G is out flat. F comes in and tries to augment the situation, but is not sharp enough. D comes in and heads for the bathroom saying, “Excuse me. I’ll just be a second.” Then A comes in, but the bartender is not convinced that this relative of C is not a minor. Then the bartender notices B-flat hiding at the end of the bar and says, “Get out! You’re the seventh minor I’ve found in this bar tonight.”

E-Flat comes back the next night in a three-piece suit with nicely shined shoes. The bartender says, “you’re looking sharp tonight. Come on in, this could be a major development.” Sure enough, E-flat soon takes off his suit and everything else, and is au natural. Eventually C sobers up and realizes in horror that he’s under a rest. C is brought to trial, found guilty of contributing to the diminution of a minor, and is sentenced to 10 years of D.S. without Coda at an upscale correctional facility.

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