Remembering Lyrics – A few helpful tips

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Is Remembering Lyrics Difficult For You? Here are a few powerful tips.

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Remembering lyrics is a task that many singers worry about. Especially when there are a lot of songs to sing in an evening.

As we get older – our heads filled with the many things we have learned over the years – it can be an even greater challenge to keep hundreds of song lyrics at the tips of our  tongues. Continue Reading «Remembering Lyrics – A few…»

Major source of frustration for singers….a tense tongue muscle

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ImageHello fellow singers!  

Are you dealing with a tense tongue muscle?

Here is one of my very quick singing tips for you in the form of a video. If you have ever had trouble with a stiff, tight or “depressed” tongue, try this easy set of exercises to loosen it up. (See tense tongue muscle video here.) Continue Reading «Major source of frustration for…»

The Importance of Music Theory

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The Importance of Music Theory

Musical students often view music theory as a chore, and some musicians wear their lack of music theory knowledge as a badge of honor. There is a reason that all music students generally take at least four semesters of basic music theory. It is because otherwise, we cannot communicate musical ideas to each other. While in school we learn how to read and write English, but when it comes to music, most of us only know how to read it and have little to no idea how it works. That is the point of music theory: to explain how music works. Continue Reading «The Importance of Music Theory»

Learning to Play Piano Online

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Learning to Play Piano Online

Learning to play piano online takes time, effort, self-discipline, and some experimentation, but the rewards can be great. It is an increasingly popular and accessible method of self-study.  

Dedicate Time to the Piano

How much time you dedicate to the piano really depends on you. Your initial efforts will be spent finding a course amongst many different offerings that is suitable for you. This is time well spent, however, as your research will familiarize you with the various formats of lessons, their cost and you will probably be learning about the piano along the way. Continue Reading «Learning to Play Piano Online»

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Basics of the Flute

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Basics of the Flute

Everyone has their own way to let off steam or they have some sort of mantra to do it. What I do to distress is listen to calm and relaxing flute music. The relaxing flute music makes me forget all my worries and helps me unwind. People who don’t know what a flute is, flute is a woodwind instrument. It is high pitched and made of metal. Flute is a reed less instrument or an aero phone. Continue Reading «Basics of the Flute»

5 Best Colleges and Universities for Music Enthusiasts

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5 Best Colleges and Universities for Music Enthusiasts

Stephanie Mills? Miley Davis? How about Barry Manilow? These people who have become household names, coincidentally, all pursued music degree in considered to be one of the most famous music schools in the world as ranked by US News and World Report’s 2010 Rankings, The Juilliard School of Music.
Students who wish to pursue a music career are advised to attend top music schools as doing so can give them a leg up after graduation. With a number of hopefuls wanting to be given a break in the industry, involvement to one of the prestigious schools below may make things easier. Continue Reading «5 Best Colleges and Universities…»
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How to promote yourself as a guitarist

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As a guitar player, you are regularly competing against thousands of other musicians who are doing the same thing as you in order to make a name for themselves. What can you possibly do to stand out? Here are some tips on how to promote yourself as a guitarist.

1. Get to Know Other Local Musicians

Post an ad on Craigslist or in your local newspaper describing your talents and musical interests and noting that you are seeking fellow musicians to jam with. You are sure to receive a number of responses. Sort through these to find people who jive with the sound you are looking for. Remember that by growing your network, you gain insider knowledge about the opportunities available in your area. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover your future bandmates amidst these jam buddies.

2. Utilize Social Media Continue Reading «How to promote yourself as…»

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Taking Care of Your Hands

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Take Care of Your Hands When You Practice

If you have started studying music, one of the most important things you need to start doing is taking care of your hands. No matter which instrument you have decided to study, each of them presents a challenge to your hands and your fingers.  Also, if you don’t take care of your hands properly, you’re going to limit yourself in terms of what you can learn and what you can do on your instrument. Continue Reading «Taking Care of Your Hands»

7 Tips for Teaching Yourself To Play Guitar

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Learning any new skill can be as challenging as it is rewarding. While it might feel like certain people were born with innate talents, the truth is at once comforting and intimidating. True skill is the result of hard work and a lifelong commitment to learning. With dedication, you can teach yourself almost anything.

Playing the guitar is one of those skills that might seem daunting to learn, but there are quite a few long-term benefits to enjoy after you’ve adopted the proper mindset. Below are seven practical tips to help you learn the guitar in no time.

7 tips for teaching yourself guitar Continue Reading «7 Tips for Teaching Yourself…»

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How to Encourage Children to Practice their Instrument

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The ability to play a musical instrument is a gift that can last a lifetime, but sometimes children can view practice as a chore that takes a lifetime. It’s important for them to view practice as an enjoyable learning experience instead of a mandatory work session. There are many things parents can do to encourage children to practice their instrument of choice and instill a love of music.

Choose the Right Instrument  Encourage Children to Practice their Instrument

It should go without saying that your child should play the instrument they are interested in. Work with your child to make the right choice, but do keep in mind that some instruments may be difficult for children to play. For instance, the violin requires a certain degree of technical skill and large instruments like the tuba are simply too big for smaller children. You can talk to your school band director or music teacher for ideas. Some may let your child try an instrument out before you decide to move forward with lessons.

Set up a Place to Play

It’s best to have a place set aside for music practice, one that’s free of clutter and distractions. A pleasant and relaxed atmosphere is more conducive for creativity than a dark basement or messy bedroom. Make sure there’s a good light source and your child has everything he or she needs to practice, such as a music stand and all related musical equipment. You don’t need to get a construction estimation for a whole new room, just work with what you have.

Stick to a Schedule

If children adhere to a regular practice schedule, it will become part of their routine and will be easier to stick with. Determine the best time of day.  All children are different; some may prefer to practice in the morning before school, some may prefer after dinner.  Even if they only have 10 minutes, make sure to get it in. It’s better to have a short session every day than a longer session only a couple of times a week. This helps children form a better connection with their instrument.

Give Positive Reinforcement

Try to be present when your child practices and express interest in what they are learning. Praise them for every step forward and encourage other family members to applaud your music student’s efforts. Positive reinforcement goes a long way and gives the child a sense of pride. On the other hand, keep any negative comments to yourself. It takes time to master an instrument, and your child’s teacher will help him or her with any problems that come up. There will be ups and downs, and your child may get discouraged at times. Just remind your child that her time and effort will pay off.

Don’t Bribe, but Do Reward

Avoid things like sticker charts that make music practice seem like a chore. Instead, reward your child for a job well done by taking him to see a musical performance of their choice. Concerts, musicals or even live music at a restaurant are all things your budding musician will enjoy. Make music fun, and your child will be more likely to stick with it and enjoy playing for a lifetime.

Scott Huntington is a writer, reporter, blogger, and percussionist, specializing in marimba. He currently lives in PA and with his wife and son. Follow Scott at @SMHuntington