Tips for Going on Tour

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Music teachers often seek out performance opportunities for their students in order to help them get accustomed to playing for audiences. In turn, such concerts could help teachers gain reputations for being solid instructors in a community.

Eventually, it becomes necessary for teachers to take their students on tour to enjoy increased exposure. That undertaking can feel complicated, particularly for teachers who are traveling with multiple people who are part of string quartets or vocal choirs. Keep reading for a few tips for going on tour: Continue Reading «Tips for Going on Tour»

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Remembering Lyrics – A few helpful tips

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Is Remembering Lyrics Difficult For You? Here are a few powerful tips.

remembering lyrics-graphic

Remembering lyrics is a task that many singers worry about. Especially when there are a lot of songs to sing in an evening.

As we get older – our heads filled with the many things we have learned over the years – it can be an even greater challenge to keep hundreds of song lyrics at the tips of our  tongues. Continue Reading «Remembering Lyrics – A few…»

5 Best Colleges and Universities for Music Enthusiasts

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5 Best Colleges and Universities for Music Enthusiasts

Stephanie Mills? Miley Davis? How about Barry Manilow? These people who have become household names, coincidentally, all pursued music degree in considered to be one of the most famous music schools in the world as ranked by US News and World Report’s 2010 Rankings, The Juilliard School of Music.
Students who wish to pursue a music career are advised to attend top music schools as doing so can give them a leg up after graduation. With a number of hopefuls wanting to be given a break in the industry, involvement to one of the prestigious schools below may make things easier. Continue Reading «5 Best Colleges and Universities…»
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Similarities of Reading Music and Reading Words

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Reading Music and Reading Words Are Very Similar

Learning how to read music—specifically sight-reading—can be a challenge for a beginner musician. However, it does not have to be that difficult.  In fact, if you have the skills needed to read this article you already have some of the basic skills required to read sheet music. The trick is learning to take these everyday skills and employing them in a new capacity.

Discovering and Recognizing Patterns

At its core, spoken language is a musical phenomenon that uses controlled tone, pitch, and rhythm to convey meaning through sound. Each of these sounds is represented by a single, pair, or grouping of letters collectively referred to as an alphabet. When learning to read written language, our first attempts are characterized by the slow and rigorous process of sounding out each letter to produce words, sentences, paragraphs, stories, and eventually complex narratives depicting abstract ideas and emotions. Continue Reading «Similarities of Reading Music and…»

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4 Other Subjects Which Can Use Music In Class

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 4 Other Subjects Which Can Use Music In Class  

By Matthew Pink

Music in music class is a given. But how can music be used creatively in other subjects in order to both enrich the subject in question and give a different perspective to music learning?

There is no point telling a music teacher of the benefits of educating students through music’s rich power. They are fully aware of, and totally on board with the capacity of music to pique interest, to inspire, to perplex and to energise learners.

Music in ClassIn order to make their class time more stimulating, music teachers can make use of the full spectrum of musical assets including recorded materials, sheet music, instruments, videos, and now the a wonderful smorgasbord of digitally interactive materials.

However, the potential of music to enable learning should not be confined only to pure-play music classes. Continue Reading «4 Other Subjects Which Can…»

Music Education Belongs in Our Schools

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Music Demands Perfection

Unlike most academic subjects or sports, music doesn’t just strive for perfection, it requires it.  95% usually gets a student an A in school, but not in music. In the video below, Jack Stamp shows us what music would sound like if we played it 95% correctly. In doing so, he demonstrates exactly why music education is so important to our schools.  Music may not be the only key to success in life, but it is fair to conclude that music plays a large role in the success of many people.

Music is a basic human need.

Music is essential to one’s education throughout life.  All over the world, school music education continues to fall victim to budget cuts.
Continue Reading «Music Education Belongs in Our…»

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