Giving Music Lessons: All You Need To Know

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Giving Music Lessons: All You Need To Know

~By Joel

For those of us that are passionate about creating music, providing musical lessons to beginners seems like an ideal way to make some money. After all, you can make your own schedule, have full control over your workload and share your interest with others. However, your enthusiasm alone is not enough to make you a genuinely good teacher. Here are some things to think about to make your lessons as profitable as possible, for yourself and your students. Continue Reading «Giving Music Lessons: All You…»

Tips for Going on Tour

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Music teachers often seek out performance opportunities for their students in order to help them get accustomed to playing for audiences. In turn, such concerts could help teachers gain reputations for being solid instructors in a community.

Eventually, it becomes necessary for teachers to take their students on tour to enjoy increased exposure. That undertaking can feel complicated, particularly for teachers who are traveling with multiple people who are part of string quartets or vocal choirs. Keep reading for a few tips for going on tour: Continue Reading «Tips for Going on Tour»

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Major source of frustration for singers….a tense tongue muscle

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ImageHello fellow singers!  

Are you dealing with a tense tongue muscle?

Here is one of my very quick singing tips for you in the form of a video. If you have ever had trouble with a stiff, tight or “depressed” tongue, try this easy set of exercises to loosen it up. (See tense tongue muscle video here.) Continue Reading «Major source of frustration for…»

Games for Smartboard

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Check out games for smartboard at

The students love the activities, and I love the fact that they are learning solid musical concepts with engaging activities.

This past week, I used Smiley and Friends same/different melody activity with my kindergarten students. For the first lesson, I touched the faces on the Smartboard, and the students then determined the correct match. They did this by pointing up if the top smiley was the correct match, or down, if the bottom smiley was the correct match.

Games for Smartboard Continue Reading «Games for Smartboard»

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Run Flash Games on an iPad

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How to Run MusicLearningCommunity Games on an iPad

 The games utilize flash. However, iPads do not natively support Flash.  But, there is good news! There is a way to run flash games on an iPad!Run Flash on an iPad

But, there is good news! Continue Reading «Run Flash Games on an…»