Set up restricted Student Browsing

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Do you have dedicated computers for your music students?

Would you like to restrict your student’s browsing to only MusicLearningCommunity and other music-related websites?

You are in luck!  My Hunter Paolini has created a wonderful extension for Firefox that will enable you to have complete control over what your students can do on the internet while in your music studio.

Open your Firefox Browser Go to this website and Download the FireFox extension called: ProCon Latte Content Filter by Hunter Paolini

With this extension, you will be able to block web pages containing pornography or any other type of material based on keyword lists.

This extension also enables you to restrict your student’s browsing to only operate websites you have whitelisted.

After you have installed the extension, click on the “Add-ons” button under the settings menu of your Firefox Browser.

Find your Procon Latte Content Filter. Click “Options.” This will open the Procon Latte Content Filter Preferences Window

Click on “Whitelist” in the Procon Latte Content Filter Preferences Window and Type in:


Next, click on Blacklist. Then click on the Advanced tab. Check the checkbox: “Limit Internet Access to the whitelist of approved sites.” Also, check the checkbox: “Show custom warning message” Type any custom message you wish.

Example: “This computer is reserved ONLY for”Click on the General Tab. Click on the button called “Set Password” on the top right.


Enter any password of your choice. This password will be used to protect the addon from being disabled by your students.


Press OK, and you are done! Now, students who are using the Firefox browser may only use MusicLearningCommuntity and any other websites you specify in your whitelist. And, your students will not be able to visit any other websites unless they have your password.

Giving Music Lessons: All You Need To Know

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Giving Music Lessons: All You Need To Know

~By Joel

For those of us that are passionate about creating music, providing musical lessons to beginners seems like an ideal way to make some money. After all, you can make your own schedule, have full control over your workload and share your interest with others. However, your enthusiasm alone is not enough to make you a genuinely good teacher. Here are some things to think about to make your lessons as profitable as possible, for yourself and your students. Continue Reading «Giving Music Lessons: All You…»

No Room For a MIDI Keyboard?

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Is there enough room on your computer desk for your MIDI keyboard?

Korg MIDI Controller

There are many learning and creative activities that are enhanced by using a MIDI keyboard as an input device. This can be awkward because most computer (desk) workstations are not designed to accommodate even a 4-octave keyboard.

Oftentimes, the MIDI keyboard ends up off to the side at an angle to the computer.The most effective positioning is to have the keyboard in front of the monitor — so the monitor is positioned like a music rack.

Check out these small MIDI keyboard controllers below: Continue Reading «No Room For a MIDI…»

Teaching Adult Music Students

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 Teaching Adult Music Students

Should I Consider Taking on an Adult Music Student?

A Growing Market for Adult Music Students

Should I Consider Taking on an Adult Music Student? Studies show that there is a large demand among adults, who wish to take music lessons, especially baby-boomer retirees who have always wanted to play piano but have never had the time. You may also meet people who quit their music lessons when they were a child for one reason or another and have regretted not being able to continue later in life. Even though there is a growing demand for teachers from this demographic, some people have reservations about taking on adult music students. Adults can have pre-conceived notions that impede progress. They may have irregular attendance due to crazy schedules and last-minute conflicts. Sometimes an adult music student may be working through issues with hearing or eye sight. Is this always true? Of course not. Continue Reading «Teaching Adult Music Students»