Dreams Fulfilled Through Music 

Since 2006, Dreams Fulfilled Through Music has partnered with Music Learning Community in the development of pedagogically sound computer-assisted learning opportunities for students with special needs.

Dreams Fulfilled Through Music

Dreams Fulfilled Through Music

“an effective teaching tool”

Because Music Learning Community is both unique and universal in it’s approach to the basic elements of music theory, sight-reading and ear training, teachers have the freedom to individualize the curriculum to meet the specific needs of each student. One key element within the design of the music games is that each module is divided into segments which insure mastery before the student is asked to progress to a new or more advanced level of accomplishment. Repetition is essential to all learning. The learning games are not merely another popular, mindless computer game, but an effective teaching tool; they foster success and the desire to become fully engaged in the learning process.

“for students of all ages and all abilities”

Most important of all, the presentation of the Music Learning Community curriculum is so interesting and adaptable that it provides a vital teaching partner throughout the week between lessons for students of all ages and all abilities – preschool through senior citizen.

“meet[s] the needs of both gifted and challenged students!”

Because teachers are able to chart each student’s progress, both in the lesson and at home, students with special learning needs have the support they need to experience real success as they participate in music lessons alongside their typically developing peers. Music Learning Community creates excitement and joy in the of learning musical concepts that lead to greater achievement of the performance skills which result in the development of an inner desire of students to always strive to be the best that they can be. Gone are the days that music theory and ear training are dull and dreary! Welcome to the days where there is a program versatile enough to meet the needs of both gifted and challenged students!

Mary Kathryn Archuleta
Artistic Director
Dreams Fulfilled Through Music

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