Dear Christine,

Effective Piano StudioIt is already July and time to prepare for another piano year but I wanted to send you a note to tell you how well my piano students performed on the MSMTA Theory Tests over the past two years. In 2010 I began to use your site MusicLearningCommunity.com almost exclusively to prepare students from my Piano studio for the Maryland State Theory Test. I entered sixteen students in five levels with eight students achieving scores of 100 or better and the other eight achieving scores between 84 and 100. This past year I entered just six students in the Theory test up to level four, two students scored 93 and the other four all scored above 100. This is such a testimony to the effectiveness of your games. It is also an amazing timesaver in my studio!

For many years I had created worksheets, flashcards and used board games to teach Theory during special sessions for interested students. Now all my students log onto your site to review note, rhythm and ear training skills. I even had a family living in one Baltimore neighborhood competing with another family in a different Baltimore neighborhood for high scores. This healthy competition created an environment in which these students really improved their musical skills.

I am working toward setting up the keyboard MIDI /Computer for students in my studio for the coming year. I want to thank you once again for continuing to improve the games interface for the students and for improving the quality of my teaching.

Best Regards,
Ann McCandliss