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The students love the activities, and I love the fact that they are learning solid musical concepts with engaging activities.

This past week, I used Smiley and Friends same/different melody activity with my kindergarten students. For the first lesson, I touched the faces on the Smartboard, and the students then determined the correct match. They did this by pointing up if the top smiley was the correct match, or down, if the bottom smiley was the correct match.

Games for Smartboard

My school district is utilizing instructional methods by Dylan Williams, and I find many of your activities work well for a group response, which is part of his method. With the smileys on top and bottom, that creates a very easy either/or situation that the students can respond to quickly, without having to verbalize an answer. I don’t remember the specific activity I used before, but remember that it also was well suited for use in a group situation, with objects placed left/right, or top/bottom, making it easy for a quick group response/assessment.

In the kindees’s second lesson, I then had them come up to the Smartboard in pairs, and they did the Smartboard by themselves, which was very motivating for them. I use the random text chooser feature on the Smartboard to choose students for their turn…….maybe other teachers would be interested in that. (type RANDOM TEXT CHOOSER in the search box of the Smartboard) Student names are typed into the rectangles, and then you press SELECT. The computer does some fun bleeping sounds, and then highlights a student’s name. After their name has been selected, it turns dark blue, with the remaining names in white, so it is a great way of keeping track of turns spread out over two lessons.


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