How Blogging can Dramatically Impact Music Student Learning

Having a blog in is something we’ve wanted to do for a while and, with our new site, we now have this capability. Here is a little bit about what the MusicLearningCommunity blog is, and why and how the blog provides value to you. 

Blogging Can Impact Student LearningWhat is a blog?

Blog is a shortened form of “web log”. It is a discussion or informational site consisting of articles or “posts”. Good quality blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to post comments or to submit articles to be posted. It allows participants to have the equivalent of a family dinner table discussion with others about subjects that matter the most to them.

Why have we provided a blog?

This is an important part of connecting our community. It supports professional development and provides a way to communicate among our members. Additionally, it is an excellent venue to present features–both existing and new–and how to use them effectively. You may have heard that we will be launching a brand new learning management system. We cannot wait to share with you as we progress. You’ll want to monitor the blog as more details will be unveiled in the coming months.

So, How Does a Blog Benefit My Students?

The goal of this blog is to facilitate an ongoing discussion of topics related to effective teaching: learning goals, strategies, and technology.  This avenue is not only a means of communication, it also provides a means to search for topics of value to you.  The MusicLearningCommunity blog enables you to keep up with technology, adapt your teaching style to apply new methods, and collaborate and innovate with other blog participants world-wide.


What’s the big deal about technology?  Technology helps students learn through increasing levels of interactivity.  Interactive-learning often results in a deeper rate of retention for students.

Technology changes every day!   So, how do you keep up with it all? Active members of the MusicLearningCommunity blog are going to be “in the know.”   The blog will continue to supply valuable and timely additions of new theories and technologies that are being applied in studios and classrooms today.  This wealth of knowledge can now be put into one place.


Gain Perspective. The MusicLearningCommunity blog allows you to have unrestricted access to different perspectives on music education, such as a global perspective, a student’s perspective and an experienced teacher’s perspective.  Therefore, it will be invaluable for you to ask questions, provide comments and even submit your own posts.  As your contributions to the blog benefit others, other’s comments will, in turn, benefit you.  Isn’t this what a community is all about?


Common Goals. Musicians and educators from around the world are unified by common goals.  This leads to insightful and thoughtful collaboration.  With this synergy, teachers are better enabled to approach their teaching with renewed vigor: and arm themselves daily with fresh ideas, stimulating activities and innovative lesson plans for their students.

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  • Suzanne

    Thanks for your Blog. I am looking forward to seeing more!

    • Jo Ellen

      My students enjoy the games and I’m excited about sharing teaching ideas with other teachers.

  • orchestrationsinc

    Thanks for Sharing this post. All your post are understandable… This will helps a student in learning music.

  • Lisa Turnbull

    Great idea on using the blog for your music students. Thanks.

  • Brandon R. Barber

    Blogs accelerate the process of learning. It is a dynamic way to make the students keep updated with the modern world. If anyone needs any help instantly then he gets immediate help from commenting on the blog. The pupils also may get information to write papers, homework, essay, assignment etc. So, I think, every educational institute should run blogs for every class to ensure the best quality education. Thank you.