ImageHello fellow singers!  

Are you dealing with a tense tongue muscle?

Here is one of my very quick singing tips for you in the form of a video. If you have ever had trouble with a stiff, tight or “depressed” tongue, try this easy set of exercises to loosen it up. (See tense tongue muscle video here.)

Tongues can be troublesome for singers. Some say that a tense tongue muscle is their major source of frustration. Sometimes the tongue pushes down too much on the larynx. Sometimes it rides too high and pulls the larynx higher than the notes or vocal tone requires. There is no fixed place for a tongue. It just needs to do it’s correct job in the context of the phrase, and not produce the wrong kind of tension. 

With this exercise (you will see in the video), don’t overdo! Run your tongue around your mouth 4 or 5 times one way, then do it the other way. Then rest and smile! Genuine, happy smiling is very good for your singing.

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I wish you great, and stress-free singing!
Barbara Lewis
Singing Tips With Barbara Lewis

More on the Tongue
Have a look here to learn about the tongue. It’s quite surprising & complex!  According to the Joe Estill Method of singing: ” Control of the tongue can have subtle resonance changes and give greater flexibility to the range.”