Among the many unique features of are the 35 games that utilize a MIDI keyboard. We have a specialized piece of Java code that enables our MIDI capability. Near the beginning of this year Oracle, without prior notice, released a required update to Java. This update requires the addition of a signed security certificate, and blocked our application until we fulfilled Java’s new standards. Our previous newsletter announced that the MIDI games are working again. But….


The current Java version requires special settings in order for MIDI games to work with a Mac computer.  We recommend using the Safari and Firefox browsers on the Mac, as they are fully supported by Java. Please note that Google Chrome on the Mac is not compatible with the latest Java, and will not run MIDI games.

Here is what you need to do to set up Safari and Firefox:

Java Update. First you need to make sure that your computer has Java installed and it is up to date.

1. On your computer open Safari or Firefox and go to

2. On the Java home page you will find a question you can select: “Do I have Java?”

3. When you select that question, you will be presented with a utility that will “Verify Java Version” on your computer.  Run this.

4. You should get a message that indicates  you have Java and all is well or you do not have the latest version and need to update.  Simply follow the directions from Java.

Configure Browser.  You need to configure Safari or Firefox to run the MIDI games Java scriptlet from

1. Attach the MIDI keyboard to the computer (USB port)

2. Open the browser

3. Go to the Home page

4. Select “Preferences” (under the Safari or Firefox menu)

5. Select the “Security” tab

For Safari:

a.  Select “Manage Website Settings”

b.  Select “Java” from the left column

[Note that will show up in the right window with a drop down box.  If it does not appear you will have to configure Java first–see below–then repeat steps 4-5 above]

c.  In the drop down box select the option “Run in Unsafe Mode”

[At this point your MIDI device should be recognized]

d.  Select “Done”  [You may get a warning message.  If so, select “Trust”].  We can assure you that our site is not a risk.

e.  Close the Preferences panel.

For Firefox:

a.  Select “Exceptions”

b.  Type “” in the box

c.  Select “Allow”

d.  Close Preferences panels.

Java Configuration.  If you need to configure Java:

1.  Select System Preferences (under the Apple symbol)

2.  Select the Java application (probably in bottom row)

3.  Select “Security”

4.  Select “Edit Site List” (in lower right)

5.  Select “Add” button

6.  Type in the box provided

7.  Select “OK” button (on edit list pane)

8.  Select “OK” button (on control panel pane)

[Note that you may get a security message advising that HTTP locations are a security risk.  Click “Continue”.  Our site is not a risk.]

9.  Close the Java panel.

Now you can login to and select a MIDI game to play.  (With Firefox, you may see a line at the top of your window that questions whether to allow a Java plug-in.  On the right side select “Allow”).

When you first attempt to play a MIDI game, a permissions box will appear on screen which asks the user to accept the Java code. Once the check box has been checked, the permissions box will disappear and the MIDI games will then operate.
If the MIDI does not work you may need to re-start your computer and plug the keyboard in before you open a browser.  You may need to update your browser.  You may need to repeat some of the steps.
Please let us know if you encounter any issues with running MIDI games. Make sure you have the latest Java update to your computer.

Remember that MIDI does not run on mobile devices, since Java will not run on them. We are exploring ways to get around this issue in the future.

We wish you a very happy summer!

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