I have a young student whose is name is Brielle. This is her first year, and she is using the Celebrate Piano beginning series. Ordinarily I assign the corresponding unit in the MusicLearningCommunity games for the unit that she is studying in her books, but Brielle enjoys the games so much that she has gone into the units that we have not yet covered in the lesson. This way she already knows the basic concepts before we get to them in the music books. She has really progressed much faster due to her use of the MusicLearningCommunity games.

~Sam Marion


Sam Marion has been teaching private piano in NC for 40 years. He is an active member of DMTA, NCMTA, and MTNA. His teaching goals are to enable each student to have a lifelong love and appreciation for making music at the piano with the greatest of ease at the piano. Being a well-rounded musician enables the student to engage in a variety of different musical styles and skills. Repertoire, keyboard skills, sightreading, ear training, music history, and improvisation are all covered in the lessons.

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