You are Never Too Old to Learn Music!

You are Never Too Old to Learn MusicI am a 68 year old woman learning to play the piano. I took music lessons as a child and learned the musical alphabet. Now, 50 years later, I sat down at the piano and decided that I want to play this instrument. I found the Alfred’s basic Adult Piano Course and started learning on my own. Then I found WOW. I was amazed that this comprehensive online learning program was available whenever I need it. This interactive program is chock full of hearing, seeing and doing interactive experiences that I find fun and exciting. Initially, I used for sight reading. The Learn, Play, Quiz and Challenge helped me know the Grand Staff backwards and forwards. I still get a thrill when I see a note on the fourth line of the Treble Clef and know that it is a D. By the way, I fell in love with Terry Treble.

“a unique learning experience for me”

Presently, I am exploring other areas of this program. I am amazed at the flexibility of this musical program. I am not held down by the need to be competent in one level before going on to the next. In other words, I spend most of my time in Level P-1A  learning my basic foundation but can move easily to Level 5 learning the Circle of Fifths. Now, that is truly designing a unique learning experience for me.

“MIDI provides me with the flexibility that I need”

The MIDI feature is another awesome way of learning. I have found that variety is a necessary learning component and MIDI provides me with the flexibility that I need via the piano and the electronic keyboard. Using the keyboard rather than the mouse, I found that the MIDI simulation is closer to the knowledge/experience/skills that I was attempting to learn. As a Psychologist, I know that the closer the learning experience is to the actual experience, the more deeply the learning is retained in our brains.

“Accurate and immediate feedback” 

Practice…Practice…Practice will get me where I want to go and most likely beyond. Teaming with allows me to practice anytime that I want and I get immediate feedback as to my progress. Accurate and immediate feedback adds to the quality of my learning experience, as well as, the satisfaction/excitement of saying, “I nailed!, I did it! I know it!”

“provided me with the confidence”

One final comment, provided me with the confidence and courage to contact and work with a piano teacher. Learning is hard but never has been this much fun. Thank you, Christine Hermanson.

Anna Christine Linder
Psychologist, Age 68

  • Nataly Goncha

    Like my mom., she is 69 years old, but she want to learn music and piano, according her, it is now her free time to learn what she haven’t learn before. _ Thanks for sharing your experience as an old learner..:)