Is there enough room on your computer desk for your MIDI keyboard?

Korg MIDI Controller

There are many learning and creative activities that are enhanced by using a MIDI keyboard as an input device. This can be awkward because most computer (desk) workstations are not designed to accommodate even a 4-octave keyboard.

Oftentimes, the MIDI keyboard ends up off to the side at an angle to the computer.The most effective positioning is to have the keyboard in front of the monitor — so the monitor is positioned like a music rack.

Check out these small MIDI keyboard controllers below:

Korg MicroKey 37-Key USB Midi Controller – 22 inches

 M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 – 17 inches

Akai Pro LPK25 Laptop Performance Keyboard – 13 inches

The small keys are well-suited for step entry into notation software, and for playing music games. Have you had success with using MIDI controllers of various sizes? Please send us photos of your workspace by clicking here or comment below.

  • Roberta Mogelefsky

    When we moved i bought a computer table at Sam Ash Music Store which has a wide layered top and a pull out computer keyboard part. You can fit a large keyboard in between the monitor and the computer keyboard. I think if you don’t have a store near you they might have online ordering.