“Play By Ear”

An opportunity for the classically minded!


I love the “Lifetime Musician” approach of the MusicLearningComunity! I love the games that solidify concepts and give the needed practice for mastery! The emphasis on developing the ear is tremendous and extremely beneficial to students. I have been a subscriber for a few years now and am pleased to offer their website to my students!

I am a private piano teacher, teaching beginning to advanced students of all ages, and the author of the new hEarItAbility series. It is a passion of mine to unlock the sometimes hidden aural skills of students. I did not intuitively “play by ear” as a student and discovered later in life that it truly was a skill that I could develop. For students, I have seen such joy and success from “tapping” into this area – for those with natural ability and those without!

“Play It – Write It, Explore It – Explain It, Hear It – See It”

After 15 years of experimenting, I have finally put my methods onto paper to provide a learning resource to assist other students, teachers and parents. We all know the benefits of having a good ear – being able to aurally discriminate and replicate that which we hear and create in our heads – melodies, chord progression, articulations, phrasing, etc. However, most mainstream methods focus virtually all of their attention to learning to read and the visual experience of music. This series fills a definite hole in current pedagogical practices! There is much knowledge to be gained from freely exploring the keyboard as a mechanism for sound and then making visual connections.

The hEarItAbility books provide guided pages of exploration for use at the lesson and then for reinforcement at home. After students have “figured out” the tunes, visual connections are made through the notation of what they have discovered. The students are the ones adding the notes and rhythm to reflect what they are playing. A great way to really understand how notation works and introduce reading.

“Piano Pedagogy Revised!”

This series implements many music education principles that are presently missing in current methodology. Having both a BA Honours degree in Music and an Education degree, I am equipped to view learning to play from many different perspectives. I know this series incorporates much of the current research in education as well as the tried and true approaches of music educators from the past and present.

The hEarItAbility series has been designed as a supplement to current methods, but may also be used as an introductory album for teachers who like to experiment. It is suitable for a diverse age range (no cute little animals or characters) and is suitable for anyone who would like better skills. Identifying intervals only takes you so far!

I hope this series will provide the needed resource to inspire students to more creative, enjoyable and free piano playing!

Check out a more thorough explanation and sample pages at www.hearitatbility.com.