How to Run MusicLearningCommunity Games on an iPad

 The games utilize flash. However, iPads do not natively support Flash.  But, there is good news! There is a way to run flash games on an iPad!Run Flash on an iPad

But, there is good news!

Our learning games are created in “Flash” and the iPad doesn’t natively support the Flash Player. However, with an alternative browser, you can access and play our learning games from any mobile device. The website works the same as it does on a computer.  You can manage your student roster from any mobile device and when your students play the learning games on a mobile device, their scores are recorded on your confidential score report—just as they are on any computer that connects to the Internet.

We have found Puffin to be the best so far.  There are versions available for the iPad, iPhone and for the newer Android devices.

Puffin has a two-week free trial with a one-time cost of $2.99.  To download puffin, visit: OR Purchase Puffin on iTunes

After you have installed Puffin, 
open it and type in the Puffin browser window. Then, the website, learning games, and even the Score Report work the same as on a computer. That’s all there is to it.  Your students with iPads don’t have to pay to download our learning games because they are playing under your membership. They just have to have Puffin.

One other note:  When you play a game has an onscreen piano keyboard, you may wish to use a rubber-tipped stylus. Remember that you can resize the game on the screen. Also, Puffin has a “track pad” icon that when clicked allows mouse movements for roll-overs and 2-finger gestures for drag and drop.


About 50 of the learning games are set up to utilize a MIDI keyboard.  The website will soon be updated to make MIDI available to all subscribers at no extra cost. Your subscription provides you full access to all of the MIDI games.   The MIDI games require use of Java, which does not run on iPads and other tablets, so you cannot play the MIDI games on tablets.

By the way,

In the future, MusicLearningCommunity will run even better on mobile devices as it will be optimized for smaller screen resolutions.

  • Michaela

    I tried Rover to browse Music Learning Community , however the sound is still not working , so some of the games can’t be played in Rover.

    • Terry Treble

      iSwifter still works. Rover now individually approves websites for their app. We are taking steps to be on their approved list. Thank you for your patience.

  • orchestrationsinc

    That’s good.. ipad will not support flash games.. but this will helps me.. Thanks for Sharing this..