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Hello to all readers!

I am so pleased to be writing to you here on the MusicLearningCommunity Blog.

My name is Barbara Lewis. I have been both a singer and a vocal coach for over 30 years. I am delighted to be associated with the Music Learning Community for whom I am now creating a series of videos that will teach adult singers –  (ie: those who are singing after 40 – although, I hope that younger singers will enjoy the series, too!) –  how to sing better. Level One of the series is called, Easy/Fun Singing!  (Coming soon.) 

I have often received e-mail from adult singers who wonder if it is too late for them to take up singing. My answer is a very firm, “No way!”

Here is what one man wrote about his “early-mid-life” singing dreams: “At forty six I have come to realize that if you truly enjoy the moment, then you are living life right. Singing makes me be a better person. Since I have taken singing seriously, I have quit smoking and drinking and now jog to get the best high ever!” – Richard Smith

The above quote came from a person who had viewed one of my singing instruction videos on Youtube and left a public message. But he is just one of many who experience these kinds of epiphanies through the act of learning how to sing. Over my 30 years of vocal coaching, I have watched many shy beginners grow into much more confident, poised and naturally expressive individuals. I have seen people with bad stutters lift their voices in fluid song. Others, who found it very hard to express strong feelings have discovered the courage to sing about their deepest emotions. Clearly, learning how to sing well can bring great joy to life.

As a way of encouraging those would-be singers who have written to me with their doubts, I have put together a few answers to several of the most commonly asked questions. If YOU are wondering about taking some lessons or joining a choir, perhaps the following words will bring you the encouragement you need in order to take action.

I wish you great singing!
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1. Am I too old? – I have heard these same words from people in their mid-twenties! Listen well! You are never too old to sing! And you are never too old to benefit from singing.

In an article on the power of music (particularly singing), the well-known doctor and neurologist, Oliver Sacks writes: “Humans are uniquely able to produce and enjoy music—very few other animals can do so. But not only is music one of the fundamental ways we bond with each other, it literally shapes our brains.”

Sacks goes on to say that musical activity involves more parts of the brain than we use for the intricate art of speaking – of language. And for this reason, music & singing can be very helpful with both learning new things and with memory. (How many of us in our fifties and beyond could not use a little help with remembering?)

2. What About My Health? As we age, conditions do change in our bodies – including our throats. Vocal cords can become less flexible, less able to retain moisture and thus more brittle. High notes may not be as reliable. But you can still sing a lot of wonderful music if you keep your voice and body in reasonably good shape.

3. What Will My Friends & Relatives Say? Many of us don’t start singing lessons because we feel embarrassed about pursuing this kind of a dream later in life. “People will think I’m crazy!” I have often heard. My answer is, “Do it anyway.” More often than not, when friends see how much joy you express about your singing life, they become supportive. You may even inspire others to get to work on a long-held dream.

4. But I don’t hear as well as I used to. Is that a problem? Yes, hearing can be an issue as we age. If you feel that your hearing has changed, you should get an audiogram…(NOTE: Whether or not you intend to sing, I urge you to pay attention to your hearing. We humans need to communicate. And that means hearing well.)

5. Could I think of having a “career” this late in my life? Many other aspects of a singing life come to the fore when you are thinking about singing as a profession. When your joy of singing develops into the desire to sing more professionally, you’ve got to put on your business cap – and that is another rich issue to explore.

6. How do I start? Begin by finding a good teacher – someone who enjoys the kind of music that you want to sing. And/or you can find some very good singing lessons on video – right here at the MusicLearningCommunity.  I hope you will join me! Watch for the Easy/Fun Singing Series coming soon!

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The Power Of An Older Singer

Article written by: Barbara Lewis

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