Too Young for Music? How Young Is Too Young For Kids To Pick Up Musical Instruments?

 From celebrated classical music to rock n’ roll, kids are picking up music faster than ever, and as a parent you may be wondering how early you can get your child interested in learning a musical instrument. While many factors vary from child to child, if your child has the attention span to follow a lesson, there’s no reason not to start him or her down the musical path as early as possible.


Even before your child is able to hold an instrument, you can get him or her excited about it by exposing your child to music early. Singing and playing music yourself, or playing music through a stereo, will get them interested and help their later lessons feel natural.

Toy instruments will get them started, too, and you may find that percussion instruments such as small drums or a toy xylophone will allow your child to experiment before he or she can even pick up a violin or guitar.

For more ideas on how and where to add music to your child’s life, check out local venues for live concerts, or try showing them how bands work with resource sites like SonicBids.


Even the most rudimentary of musicians can learn more quickly and with better engagement in a group. If your child is looking for other children to interact with who share a common interest, small clubs or the musical programs at his or her school can be a great way to keep your child motivated and excited about music.

A good teacher will also be able to find what motivates your child to practice, and the best music teachers connect with their students on a friendly level rather than intimidating. Look for a teacher with a strong rapport with your child, and your child will be getting excited for basic lessons, too.


Playing a musical instrument is complicated, but fun, and with a good attention span, a child can stay focused on a lesson long enough to begin learning the basics. Most professionals recommend seven years old as a good age to get started, but you could easily begin showing your child the basics around four or five, if you can hold his or her focus.

Simple, focused lessons and plenty of excitement generated by mom and dad will help your child get into music early, and continue enjoying it for a lifetime!

This article was written by Kandace Heller


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