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We have had a lot of fun sharing our knowledge of music education and music technology with the world since 2005 through MusicLearningCommunity.com. However, we realize that it is just as important to allow others with an opportunity to share their fresh perspectives. So, we created this blog to help emphasize the importance of music education, and contribute to the conversation of the latest and greatest ways of teaching music.

Benefits of writing for MusicLearningCommunity

As a writer for MusicLearningCommunity, you will have the option of posting your biography in the "Contributing Authors" section. On your personal biography page, you are welcome to put a plug for your own music studio, book, website, Facebook page and anything else you would like. We even have a place where we can display your latest twitter post! At the bottom of each blog post that you write for us, your name will appear as a link to your biography page.

Who can become a MusicLearningCommunity author?

Anyone who loves music. We do not require you to have any experience as an established author or blogger. Although, we do require a sample of writing in order to consider you for our writing team. We maintain high standards for grammar and writing skills. Submissions will only be accepted once they pass through our panel of reviewers. We retain the right to decline or remove submissions at our discretion. We prefer original content, or articles that are written specifically for this venue. However, we will allow for the republishing of articles on a case-by-case basis. Once your original article has been published, it will belong to MusicLearningCommunity and cannot be republished without our written consent.

Our main interest is to foster close, long-term relationships with our authors. The primary motive of MusicLearningCommunity authors is to share musical knowledge for the betterment of society. We are not interested in SEO companies or anyone who tries to post articles specifically for the purpose of back-links, even if the article submissions are aligned with our niche. Every submission undergoes a plagiarism checker to ensure the originality of the content.

Our topics  (include but are not limited to:)

Adult Music Students, Daily Delights, Education, Instrument-Specific, Music Curriculum and Pedagogy, Music Rewards and Incentives, Tips and Tricks, Music in the World, Music Lessons, Music Studio Management, Music Philosophy, News, Specials Needs Students  

Our blog is your blog!

We open it up to you: a talented and inspiring music educator or enthusiast who is eager to share your musical wisdom and experiences with the world.  We have a worldwide audience of 49 countries just waiting to hear about your musical insights. Ready to start sharing your musical journey? We are excited to meet you and welcome you onto the MusicLearningCommunity writing team.  

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