Cyril Ogwu

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CYRIL OGWU is a young gentleman born in Delta-State. He deemed inheritor to a huge and seemingly endless escalating cycle of challenges and responsibilities at the early stages of life. His book begins at 10 years old on the streets. From whence he has striven to fill-up gaps and sought after achieving empowerment and support for those who fell deprived and needy just as once his own life premised days as such. cyrilogwu

CYRIL OGWU (OC) is a dynamic, determined, organized and innovative young man with excellent and diverse abilities, credible work-experience and self-motivated character.
He is able to establish projects, mainstream programs, develop organizations and initiate new ideas. OGWU CYRIL is a reliable positive thinker, effective communicator and strong collaborative team-builder. He is a decisive, punctual, action-oriented and results-driven achiever. CYRIL OGWU has over 5 years experience as a Writer, Producer/Director, Web Designer, Talent Manager, Script Editor, Consultant, Trainer, Mentor, with advanced service orientation and mobilization. His massive, diverse and practical experiences in business span over 7 years. While graced with the gift of humility and sociability, CYRIL OGWU is highly able to cope with ambiguity, change, stress, pressure, controversy and uncertainty. He walks with gratitude, grace and contentment.
He is talented in theater arts with
reputation as a motivational public speaker, TV presenter and radio figure. He is noted for work quality, motivation, education and
people development. CYRIL possesses prime entrepreneurial, leadership and management knowledge, and competenceCyril Ogwu in crises management. He is indwelt with the capacity to work independently with great attention to detail, quality, speed and time. CYRIL OGWU is gifted with cordial human relations, adaptability, tenacity, discipline and relentlessness. Notably, he is
interested in working with and learning from other cultures and perspectives. He is people and work oriented. CYRIL is spirited with a passionate heart for people, progress and the global agenda. From the levels of hardships and challenges CYRIL OGWU is endlessly highly determined and ambitious toward personal and professional growth. He seeks to attain a continually growing dynamic character of
excellence and credibility in the areas of knowledge and work experience. In the years of diverse endeavours he has worked as a trainer, adviser, leader, consultant,
manager, mentor, coordinator, coach, performer, speaker, director and counselor. This has over the years unleashed and developed his potential exponentially. With
this enhancement he has participated in various dynamic timely projects and programmes in rural and urban areas, with the young and old people, male and female communities in Africa and beyond. He also pursued
to empower orphaned and vulnerable children with care and survival. CYRIL OGWU extended his pursuits of reaching out to many other people with hope, inspiration, empowerment,
knowledge, training and support through various diverse initiatives in the year 2012. This far, the year 2013 is declared the year of exponential success, counting many great pursuits of unleashing massive innovation for different communities. He holds a B.Sc Microbiology from Ebonyi State University.