Article Summary:  Below are guest post guidelines for the MusicLearningCommunity Blog.  This article includes information regarding how to use your new MusicLearningCommunity Guest Blogger account, and how to add media to a post, add comments to the editor, submit article for review, SEO practices, and marketing benefits.

Guest Post Guidelines

Submit Post

You can write articles at any time you wish.  In order to view the posts that you have written or add a new post, please click on “posts” on your dashboard.  When you are writing, click on “Save Draft” to keep your latest draft.  When you are finished, click “Submit for Review.”  I will then review the article and publish it on the blog. When you submit the article for review, you may add notes to me “the editor” at the bottom of your post.   These will be read and deleted before the post is published.  If you still want to make changes after you click, “Submit for Review,” don’t worry.  Make the changes you want, and click the “Submit for Review” button again to save it.  You can only Submit it for Review once, so hitting the button again just saves the newest version.  It doesn’t do anything else for the admin. It will be published with your name.  Make sure to link to your biography page at the bottom of each post.

Add Media to Post

Unfortunately, our security settings do not allow for contributors to upload media directly to our servers. I apologize for any inconveniences this causes. We are more than happy to host media for you for the blog posts.  Before you submit the article for review, please email the media you wish for me to upload to our servers to   I will oblige and send you the URL.  You can then embed this media into your posts using “insert/edit image” button in the Post Editor.

SEO By Yoast Plugin

For titles and subject headings, please use Headings in your text content, (located under Paragraph dropdown).  For every article, please fill out the SEO plugin below the editor window.

Please summarize the article at the very top in a few sentences (example above).  Then make a short version of this summary 156 characters or less and insert it into the “meta description” in the SEO plugin. (example below).

Focus keyword should be consistent in the Article Heading, Page Title, Page URL, Content, and Meta Description.  All should be checked with a, “yes.” See below:

Article Heading: Yes (1)
Page title: Yes (1)
Page URL: Yes (1)
Content: Yes (1)
Meta description: Yes (1)


Our partnership as a blog and a blog writer is a mutually beneficial relationship.  It helps you by establishing you as an expert in your field.  It adds credibility to your name by being associated with us.  It also helps you by providing more traffic through links back to your website and products.  Please remember to market your articles through your own website, social media and any other marketing avenues you have access to.  This will help us both!

Our 10 Steps for Publishing (for your reference)

  1. Utilize Plagiarism Checker
  2. Add Author biography link at bottom and ending text, and post link to original source (if necessary)
  3. Verify/Adjust Title, URL, and Headings
  4. Verify/Adjust SEO by Yoast plugin (all the checks must be green)
  5. Insert “more” tag
  6. Insert image and other media
  7. Select categories
  8. Verify/Create Tags
  9. Preview/Publish
  10. Publish Social Media Links

Got it?

Alright, you should be all caught up to speed. This information will always be here for your reference.  We have worked very hard to make it so that each time you post an article on MusicLearningCommunity, it should result in building your online reputation as an expert in your field, and send more traffic to your website.  Thank you so much for considering to be a regular contributor to the MusicLearningCommunity Blog!  Let us know if you have any questions.

~Paul Hermanson